LS Engine Swap

Don't wait one more day to feel the power of a new GM LS engine. Get the most out of your LS engine whether you prefer a street, off-road, supercharged or stroker assembly. Call the mechanics at Bayside Jeeps at 252-247-6655 to get started with your LS engine swap.

At Bayside Jeeps, we specialize in turnkey engines such as the LS3, LS7, LQ9 and LSX series. The mechanics at Bayside Jeeps will determine what adjustments need to be made to your vehicle to create the perfect fit and maintain original function. We will also recommend the correct frame and motor mounts for your specific car or truck.

LS Engine Swap Cost
GM makes a powerful and affordable engine. Making a LS engine swap convenient and affordable is our highest priority.

First, the mechanics at Bayside Jeeps will help you estimate the cost of your LS engine swap by considering the driving application and your style. LS3 series engine swaps are popular for street applications while the LS7 series is for trucks and off-roading applications. The LS3, released in 08 was the most powerful Corvette engine. The LS7 provides more horsepower for greater towing capacity than the LS3 and is the largest LS engine built by GM Performance.

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