Check for Cracked Heads
A cracked head is a serious engine problem that can lead to your car breaking down. Even if the car engine won't fail, it will definitely suffer from poor performance. The following are some symptoms of a cracked engine head: oil leaks, low engine compression (engine combustion pressure escapes), coolant leaks (leading to engine overheating), engine head smoke, and engine missing. At Bayside Jeeps, we will have a knowledgeable service professional check for cracked heads on your car's engine.

Parts Cleaning Operation
Parts cleaning is essential to most machine works. For all your parts cleaning needs, call or visit Bayside Jeeps in Morehead City, NC 28557 today. We have a machine shop that will handle this.

Press U Joints
A clunking or clicking sound from underneath your car may indicate a worn out universal joint (U joint). A worn U joint can be replaced easily by use of a press machine. First press one side, remove the cap and then press the other side in the same fashion. Although easy, most auto shops do not press U joints due to lack of the necessary machinery and expertise. At Bayside Jeeps's machine shop, we have the necessary press machines and qualified staff to press your car's U joints.

Press Wheel Bearings
At Bayside Jeeps's machine shop, we will handle all your wheel bearing needs with our high-tech press machines. Call us at 252-247-6655 or visit us in Morehead City, NC 28557 today.

Welding is the fabrication and sculptural process that joins metal parts. At Bayside Jeeps, we offer various welding services. Simply give us a call at 252-247-6655 or visit our shop in Morehead City, NC.

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